Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was Carrabba's. not my favorite, even though it is a lot of pasta. To me, its never that great and always expensive. Danny really likes it though, so whatever works.

I have an appetizer portion of Lobster Mac and Cheese. The cheese sauce was good, along with the breading, but the lobster was like shredded and not good. Or, I just dont like lobster- not sure which one.

Danny had some chicked stuffed with cheese and covered with mushroom. He got a side of green beans and it came with a salad. He liked it. I thought it looked disgusting.

It is FINALLY Friday! This week has gone by pretty fast, but 5 days of 6th grade gossip and complaining gets to you. They are sweet kids, but sometimes... goodness. I dont know if I will be here next week- I havent heard from the teacher yet. In some ways its nice, in others, I feel like Im not doing that great of a job because I dont really know where Im going. Im trying to teach them stuff but I dont even know what material Im supposed to be covering, so its a little lost. I think I did an ok job though, at least the kids had the same teacher all week.

Holly, Charlie and Grace are coming to visit tomorrow! I miss them when I dont see them- especially Grace! I cant wait till Holly has babies and I can play with them. Actually, Holly and Charlie just need to get engaged. Holly is going dress shopping with Molly next weekend, and even though I know she couldnt be happier for her, it has to be a little sad. I hope whomever I marry wont take so long to want to marry me... I know Charlie loves Holly though- so get on with it!

30 minutes till bus duty then freedom! Or actually the gym... but at least were going to Mexican tonight- yummy!

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