Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Sooo we were snowed in last weekend, and now were REALLY snowed in. We got about 15-20 inches from Friday morning - Saturday evening, and I have now officially run out of things to do. At first it is fun-- baking, cooking, reading, watching movies... and then it is boring. Today, on my agenda, is cleaning! Gee, how exciting. Luckily, Danny is off work tomorrow and hopefully he will make it here and can put the little kid excitement back into the snow. Were going to attempt to sled. And build something. So... I just must make it through today!

Except... were supposed to get MORE snow Tuesday! I hate snow. The first snow of the season is magical and fun and exciting. And I do love how, even if it is only for a day, the world stops. It is quiet outside, no one is moving. Only nature can make us sit back and stay home... But now that we have had 2 major snow storms and a few not so major, Im over it. I want it to be warm and sunny! I want my flip flops back!

And on top of not being able to get on the house, there is no school, so no work. I worked a lot the first two weeks, and now school has been closed forever! So not only do I not have work, once schools re-open, no one is going to want to miss more. Oh well, there is nothing I can really do about it. I finished my UVA application yesterday, and I should hear from W&M in  about a month. SCARY. Hopefully, that goes quickly- I just want to know!

Here is a before and after photo (notice the before already has 5 or 6 inches-- that was from last weekend).

After.. It doesnt look like too much more... but it is!

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