Sunday, July 24, 2011


Life has been a little crazy lately. It is easy to forget about all the little things that make us happy. So, here is a list of a few things that have made me happy this week (in no particular order):

1. CVS
I bought all of this fun stuff for $8.05, and I got $16 Extra Care Bucks to use towards my next purchase. Regularly it would be $41.73 but I had coupons and Extra Care Bucks. Good deals make me happy.

2. Organization
I bought these fun file boxes from Staples- one for the middle school and one for the high school. This way, the kids have somewhere to turn in papers and I have somewhere to put their returned work and make up work. Now, all I need is to know their names! (I have 50 files in each box, however, I will be very surprised if I have 100 students. In time, thought, I will!)

3. Holly's Sugar Cookies
Mom LOVES Holly's sugar cookies, so when she was here this weekend she made a bunch for us! There are shells, elephants, tutles, sheep, zebras, and giraffes! I tried to help ice them, but as always I am not detail oriented enough for Holly! They turned out very yummy though!

4. Dan!
Dan and I went on our first Skype date this week! We both rented Tangled online and watched it together! It was fun to pretend that he was there watching it with me and the movie was really really cute! It was funny, sweet, fun, and adventurous- I really liked it!
Also, Dan sent me a HUGE box of my favorite candy ever- Crazy Core Skittles! Two Easters ago he made me a big box that says "Madeline's Skittle Stash" and said that it was his job to fill it. Well, it was running very low and to my surprise a huge box arrived! Nothing better than a fiance who watches movies with you from Korea, sends boxes of Skittles, and loves you!

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