Saturday, July 30, 2011

{M+D} Party Time

What is one of the most important parts to any wedding (especially for the guests?)

The drinks, and in turn, the bar! People stand there, wait there, and mingle there, so I want it to at least have some sort of decoration! Behold, the bar:

I definitely want to have signature drinks (and mine will definitely have a barber straw in it like the first picture). I think they are fun, and gives the bar a little personality. Any guesses as to what ours will be?!?

This is a cute way to let the guests know what is being served.

I love this bar! Just flip that W over and make it an M! Our bar will be more like a normal wedding bar, but I think if dressed up with initials, a cute sign, or some other decoration our guests will have a pleasant bar experience!

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