Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{M+D} Aisle Style

Now that we have heard all about Danny's adventures, back to wedding central! Everyone is dressed (you can check out the boys, girls, and me), and we have a venue, so we have to start decorating! John Wooden said: "...details are vital. It's the little things that make big things happen." I totally agree with this- I think that it will be the little touches that will make the day special, the little things that make you think that is so Madeline and Dan! Or wow, they took the time to think about that! The big picture is important, but it is made up of tons of little details that I want to get right!

So, I want our aisle / ceremony set up to be beautiful! It is the place I will be getting married in after all! I am not quite sure if I want to do anything up where we are getting married-- I need to go see the space again. Basically it is an alter, set up a few steps, and in the corner of the stone wall. Behind it, you can see an old barn. I think that it is beautiful on its own, but I might want something on the steps? Or up on the alter... not sure.

As for the seating, here is my inspiration:

I love the look of the small vases with flowers.

I obviously am not getting married in a space like this, but the beautiful simplicity of the ribbons is wonderful.

The flower petal initial is so so unique!
Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

I love baby's breath used as a focal point instead of a filler. All together it makes such a statement!

Any other good idea for dressing up the aisle? I want something that can be easily moved (since other things will be taking place in the space later) but that also makes the ceremony space special. 

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