Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello August

My brand new planner! Love!
I cannot believe that it is August already! This month will bring lots and lots of new things. On Saturday, I am moving back to Winchester- I never thought that I would actually want to live there, but it turns out it is not so bad :) We will be living in town and I am so excited to be near some of my best friends again! Along with the move comes my first real person job. I cannot wait to start school, meet my students, and begin the process of becoming a great teacher!
The beginning of all the planning
August also brings me one month closer to Dan coming home : ) 46 weeks, 323 days and a lot of hours according to Dan. 

So, stay tuned for moving updates, more wedding planning, and adventures of being a Latin teacher at three different schools! Anyone else have any exciting August plans?
Lilly girl will also be making the move! Happy August!

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